Disease in the news tuberculosis

However, the disease mostly affects young adults and people living in developing countries. People travel, can get exposed and infect someone else.

Unfortunately, the skin test is not percent accurate and has been known to give incorrect positive and negative readings. The germs grow slowly. Through the air, just like a cold or the flu. Today, most cases are cured with antibiotics. The tide could turn.

TB 'joins HIV as most deadly infection'

However, second-line treatment options are limited and require extensive chemotherapy up to 2 years of treatment with medicines that are expensive and toxic. You have the germs in your body, but your immune system stops them from spreading.

Active TB - the bacteria do cause symptoms and can be transmitted to others. People who live or work in prisons, immigration centers or nursing homes are all at a higher risk of tuberculosis. TB medication can be toxic to the liver, and although side effects are uncommon, when they do occur, they can be quite serious.

All you need to know about tuberculosis

Trained laboratory technicians look at sputum samples under a microscope to see if TB bacteria are present. Tuberculosis is curable and preventable.

Examples of tuberculosis complications include: It can impair the heart's ability to pump blood, resulting in cardiac tamponade, a condition that can be fatal. Ending the TB epidemic by is among the health targets of the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals.

Tuberculous arthritis usually affects the hips and knees. But it takes a long time. Nonprofits and development agencies must help countries reach their goals.

Blood tests, chest X-rays, and sputum tests can all be used to test for the presence of TB bacteria and may be used alongside a skin test. Lelio Marmora is executive director of Unitaida global health initiative that drives innovation to end pandemics and promote access to the best health solutions.

However, there are other tests that are available to diagnose TB. A shorter, 4-month course of rifampin was non-inferior to the standard 9-month regimen of isoniazid at preventing active tuberculosis (TB) among adults with latent TB infection, a. A friend, co-worker, or family member has active TB disease.

You live or have traveled to an area where TB is common, like Russia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Tuberculosis case at New Rochelle elementary school spotlights public-health response to contagious diseases, and lohud explains the disease.

World Tuberculosis Day marks the official discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Dr. Robert Koch on March 24, But the infectious disease is considered to date back thousands of years. It causes death worldwide, primarily affecting low- and middle-income countries.

Pulmonary TB can spread with a cough, infecting anyone in the vicinity. Tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is a disease the world could control. But will it?

Read the latest research news on tuberculosis, including a quick new TB test, new TB treatment options, and the latest news on tuberculosis infections. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs.

Compared with other diseases caused by a single infectious agent, tuberculosis is the second biggest killer, globally. Inmillion people died from the disease, with million falling ill.

Disease in the news tuberculosis
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