The evolution in the rules of basketball

Basketball has undergone many changes since James Naismith invented the game to give his students something to do when the cold weather prevented them from playing sports outside.

In other words, a soccer ball. Successfully throwing the ball into the box would count as a goal. Offensive -- Forwards are responsible to get free for a pass, take outside shots, drive for goals, and rebound.

Affectionately, sports writers began referring to players as "cagers. It requires speed, athleticism, skill and the ability to stay calm in the most hectic moments of the game. Having a jump ball situation after every goal also slowed the game down considerably. Free throws were introduced shortly after basketball was invented.

Also, if the person who was throwing in the ball held it for longer than five seconds, the ball would go to the other team. Player disqualifications have been modified to five or six personal fouls. The types of players that come to mind as a result of the Jordan effect are the Allen Iversons, Dirk Nowitskis and Lamar Odoms of the world.

Ball also cannot be kicked. The same goes for lays ups, foot work, post play, passing, jab steps, jump stops, pivoting, blocking out, and so on. Next, we will look at the evolution of rules in the NBA when it comes to fouling.

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Inthere were 13 rules, and today, through the evolution of such a simple game, there are over different rules. If he holds it longer, it shall go to the opponent. USA has won all but 3 of the international tournaments for basketball so far.

Ball can still be batted or tipped in any direction with one or both hands but never with a closed fist. The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands never with the fist.

Back inthe game was structured in two 15 minute halves, with a five-minute break in between halves. The jump ball was still used to start the game and every period, and to restart the game after a held ball.

Therefore the game had to be an indoor sport. Naismith was given the task of creating a safe, easy to learn indoor game for his physical education class primarily comprised of rugby and football soccer players. The University of Chicago defeated Iowa by a score of 15 to In games before the 24 second shot clock, teams who were ahead in the third quarter, would hold on to the ball, and there would be no way for the opposing team to catch up so they would have to foul the other team to get the ball back.

The game was evolving. If the ball touches the rim and slightly bounces over the basketball hoop it will be called as a loose ball.

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Women have used a second shot clock since going to a full court game in Fromif a closely guarded player withheld the ball from play for five seconds, play was stopped and resumed with a jump ball; such a situation has since become a violation by the ball-carrier.

He needs no introduction. The best team in the s and s was the Boston Celtics, who used their fast-break style to outrun opponents and also played aggressive defense to create steals and turnovers. These infractions or player fouls still apply.

It was not until that a player could actually dribble the ball numerous times as well as shoot after dribbling. Today a hoop with an open-bottom hanging net is used instead. Basketball Darwinism — The Evolution of the Game’s Greatest Players. September 13th It was the season when the American Basketball Association first introduced the three-point line.

Rules of basketball

Without the change to the rules, a shooting guard might never have had quite as much impact as he did. After the change, shooting had to be.

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Note: In international basketball, once the ball strikes the rim offensive basket interference and goal tending rules do not apply.

Dunking - “Alcindor” Rule From toa no dunking rule was enacted in college basketball. The new rule gave the defensive team the ball out of bounds after a field goal.

Today in the NBA the jump ball occurs only at the start of the game. February Basketball appeared on television for the first time as station W2XBS in New York airs a college doubleheader from Madison Square Garden with an estimated viewership of several hundred.

Evolution of the Basketball (not the game) Introduction Basketball is a popular sport all around the world invented in America by a man named Dr.

James Naismith. Basketall is a 5 on 5 team sport where both teams attempt to score as many goals in hoops on a rectangular court.

T oday is a special day in the history of basketball.

A Fascinating Look at the History and Evolution of Basketball

On this day, December 21st, inthe first basketball game was played in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Evolution of the Game. The first official game of basketball was played on January 20, in the same YMCA gym where it was invented. The contest featured two teams of nine players and ended in a score of —needless to say, Naismith’s game was far from the current version of basketball played worldwide today.

The evolution in the rules of basketball
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